If you're a little bit nervous, that's completely normal! But don't worry, Mrs. Keith will help put you at ease. There won't be any tests or pressure. 

At the first lesson you will probably talk more than at any other lesson. Mrs. Keith will want to hear a little bit about you and what your hopes are for music lessons. She'll also tell you a little bit more about her teaching style and what you can hope to learn from her. 

You will also begin making music at the first lesson. Remember, building a skill takes time and practice, but don't be surprised if you're making some music already by the end of the very first lesson. 

Be prepared with: 
*an open mind and a positive attitude
Allow yourself to be excited about learning and open to take some chances and discover a whole new world of music! 

*music (optional) 
If you have any prior experience, bring some music you'd like to perform for Mrs. Keith--don't worry, this isn't a test! It helps her assess your current skills and make a plan for future studies. 
If you're a beginner, Mrs. Keith will recommend new music books for you. 

Piano Students be sure to bring:
*spiral or composition notebook
This is where Mrs. Keith will help you keep track of your practice goals for the week
Voice Students be sure to bring:
*3 ring binder (any size) or folder to keep any music Mrs. Keith gives you 

*you may wish to bring a small bottle of water 

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