About Morgan Moss

Morgan Moss has been playing piano and studying music since she was three, and is currently a Piano Performance and Composition double major at Temple University Boyer College of Music and Dance. She studies under world renowned pianist Sara Davis Buechner, and has worked with many others such as Charles Abramovic, Timur Moustokimov, Emiko Edwards, and Dennis Varley. She is mainly a classical pianist, but also enjoys playing jazz and rags for fun. Morgan also is a composer, singer, writer, and artist, and plays many other instruments fluently. She has performed in venues like Carnegie Hall (Deiruff HS Band), The Kimmel Center(Temple University Singers), Tenri Cultural Institute (solo piano), The Grand Opera House in Wilmington Delaware (a cappella), Moravian College (solo piano), and many times at her High School, Northwestern Lehigh with the Band, Jazz Band, Coir, Women’s a cappella Group, Clarinet Group, main stage productions with the Drama Club, and multiple times as a solo pianist.  She has composed many original works, three of which have been performed live and conducted herself, Danza! Performed at Temple University by double bass soloist Gwen Reed, Flight performed by her HS band, and Murder Scene performed by a small jazz band comprised of nine of her colleagues at Temple University. Morgan is very passionate about her music and would like to share her knowledge with as many people as she can, whether it is through listening, teaching, or collaborating. Morgan plans to graduate from Temple in 2022 and continue her studies as a Pianist and Composer at the graduate level.