Studio Policies for Patricia Keith

Students of other studio teachers will receive their information directly from their instructor.  


Tuition for lessons is paid by the month or the session. 
Please make payment promptly at the first lesson of each month.  All lessons are pre-paid.  
A Late Fee will be assessed to any account ten (10) days after the first lesson of the month if payment has not been made unless alternate arrangements have been made in advance. 
Lesson payments for students of Ms. Trish or Ms. Victoria may be made in cash, check or credit card. There is a 5% cash discount.    
Failure to make one payment will result in dismissal from the program. 

Tuition is the same amount regardless of how many lessons are scheduled each month.  Check the studio calendar for scheduled holidays/closures.  These are given at the beginning of each annual season (Sept-June).   There is one weather closure and one family emergency/sick lesson closure built into the schedule for the teacher.  Beyond that, any lessons missed by the instructor will be made up.  

Studio Expectations: 
Each student is to arrive promptly to each lesson with all necessary materials in hand (music, lesson books, assignment notebook, etc). 
If students are late to their lesson, the instructor cannot run into another student’s lesson time. 
Students are expected to devote regular practice time between lessons. This varies by student, but 5 practice sessions per week is a good rule of thumb. 
Parent and students, please turn off all cell phones off while a lesson is in progress. 

Missed Lessons: 
There are no credits or makeups for missed lessons. 

For missed lessons, please notify the teacher at least 24 hours prior to the lesson if you are able. 

No refunds shall be given for missed lessons for any reason. 
Lessons missed due to instructor cancellation will be made up by the teacher.

More Specifics....

1.  Students should be prepared to keep a practice log and plan on 5 practices per week.

Parents of students, please check your child's practice chart and sign it before s/he comes to lessons.   Students should practice 4-5 times between lessons for voice by practicing along with the lesson audio recording which will be emailed to you each week.   Piano students practice 5 times per week. 

Bring a regular sized spiral or composition notebook for the practice log that students will use at home to record practices.  


2.  Voice students may wish to bring bottled water.


3.  Tuition payments may be made in cash, check or by credit card  Please put cash/check in an envelope with student's name on the outside.  For credit card payments, visit the studio website.


4.  Please pay lesson tuition at the first lesson of the month.  If you are absent from that lesson, please drop off tuition at your earliest convenience.


5.  There is a $5 late fee for a tuition payment not received by the 10th of the month.  If a situation occurs and you need to pay late please contact us at your earliest convenience.


6.  Tuition is the same monthly rate regardless of how many weeks are in the month.  Tuition is not a "per class" fee.  You will receive a payment schedule that include lessons and recital for the September through June school year session.  


Students who pay for vocal coaching by the session will be paying for a set number of lessons in advance of each session.  


7.  School Year Schedule:


Lessons/Classes for the school year session begin on the Sunday after Labor Day each year and conclude with the spring recital in June.

Check the studio calendar page for studio holidays and closures.   

Check the studio calendar page for fall and spring recital information.

Check the studio calendar page for NATS (national Assoc of Teachers of Singing) student audition dates

 8.  The teacher may close the studio for each of the following situations without a makeup lesson; this will be determined at her careful discretion and may not occur at all during the course of the year if avoidable:

1 Family Emergency/Sick Day

1 Snow/Inclement Weather Day


If any lessons need to be cancelled by the studio beyond the above, then the student will be offered a makeup lesson


If a lesson is cancelled on the teacher's behalf (beyond the above criteria in #6) there will be a make-up lesson scheduled, otherwise there are no make-up lessons.


9.  There are no refunds or credits for missed lessons due to student absence.


10.  It is helpful if students have a tote bag or backpack for their materials/music that is used exclusively for their piano/voice lesson.  


11.  Parents of piano students, please check your child and your piano bench at home--many need a stool under their feet.  If they use a foot stool in lessons, they probably need one at home too.  If their feet are dangling they need a foot stool.  If their feet can be flat and touch the floor (not just toes), then they do not need a foot stool.  


12. Be sure you are clear on the location of your lessons.  We teach in Boyertown and Spring City. 


13.    Monthly Tuition Rates for Full Time Students September through June Recital/Concert:

Weekly private instruction with Ms. Trish is $110 in eleven payments from registration through June 1 (3o min lessons)

$80 for weekly semi-private lessons (Ms. Trish)

$60 group piano classes in 10 payments

$65 voice classes and choirs in 9 payments


14.  Materials are at an additional cost and this varies per student.  


15. 30 Day notice is required for student withdrawal


Please note:  If a student needs to suspend their private lessons for any length of time, we hope you understand that we will need to fill the student's spot.  We can put the student's name on our waiting list and will try to accommodate your return to lessons if/when a spot opens up in the future.  


Thank you. All policies have been developed to help maintain the best learning and teaching environment.


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