Our studio's voice classes are fun and comprehensive vocal training classes.  Each of our voice classes provides the structure and training you want from a voice lesson with the positive encouragement of peers.   Singing Time is like a voice lesson & choir all rolled in to one fun package!  Elementary, Middle School & High School Voice Classes provide students the opportunity to explore the styles of music that interest them and fine tune their vocal technique.    In all our vocal classes, you will explore singing, learn the foundations of strong core vocal technique while also having fun being expressive and creative!


In our voice classes, we focus on building confidence, exploring the unique and individual talents of each singer and developing strong and healthy voices in young singers.  We work on developing good musicianship, reading music, using healthy vocal technique while exploring a wide variety of styles of music in a nurturing and supportive environment.  


Our voice class and choir program has been developed to grow with your child over the course of multiple years and we teach our lesson plans specifically for the students in each class.   The repertoire (songs), exercises, and routines are new each year and you will notice your child with stronger technique and musicianship with each passing year.   Your child will spend multiple years at each step and their musical growth will continue on its path.  Ms. Trish will be monitoring and guiding each student's individual technique and musicianship growth every step of the way.  Our studio is honored that our very first Singing Time students are now in our Berks Vocal Arts program, having gradually moved through the levels over time.   In short, it's OK to stay in the same class in multiple years--each year is a different learning experience tailored for your child's growth! 


Our voice classes are for anyone who loves to sing.  The classes are for those who feel they have a special talent and they are equally for those who wish to develop skills in singing and aren't terribly confident yet.  It is a myth that you are either born a gifted singer or "can't carry a tune in a bucket" and that is your fate in life.  The truth is:  singing is a skill that EVERYONE can learn.  Everyone deserves to enjoy music and to celebrate their own talents with confidence.  In this class all students learn to appreciate their own and others' gifts. 


Singing Time (ages 4-8 )

This class meets on Monday evenings from 4:35 p.m. to 5:15 p.m. during the school year session in our Boyertown studio!   There are openings for new students and enrollment is ongoing.  To enroll, contact us at info@PatriciaKeith.com

Students will:

  • Perform rhythm patterns to music with steadiness, accuracy and musical counts

  • Sight read pitches on the staff: do, re, mi, fa and sol

  • Demonstrate Curwen hand signs to make kinesthetic connections to pitches

  • Play those pitches on instruments to make important note-reading/pitch matching connections

  • Echo sing: listen to pitches and sing them back with accuracy

  • Build a strong, healthy head voice tone

  • Grow in confidence through singing short solos during class

  • Build a repertoire of music that includes folk & children's songs of our own country & around the world

  • Utilize singing games to enjoy music and sing for love and fun!

  • Foster a sense of community with each other, supporting each other through good notes AND mistakes :)

  • Utilize healthy posture and focus to carry ourselves with pride


Middle School, and High School Voice Class

If you want voice lessons with the safety and fun of a group setting, you've come to the right place.  Learn at your own pace, no one has to sing a solo until he/she is ready.  And when you are ready, there will be lots of opportunities to shine!


You will learn to read music, learn great techniques to sing with strong breath support and become the confident singer you want to be!  We will also show you how to use musical expression and diction to really sell every song you sing with style.  



Voice Classes meet on Monday evenings.

The Monday Evening Studio Schedule for 2018-2019

4:35-5:15p Singing Time (ages 4-8)  Learn to sing in a healthy and fun way! Community Performances throughout the year. 

5:15-5:45p Mini Dance Combo (Visit VisionsDanceCo.com)

5:45-6:30 Juniors Dance Combo  (Visit VisionsDanceCo.com)

6:30-7:30 Treble Choir (ages 8-13)  Regional Children's Chorus.  Everyone can sing! Community performances, lots of fun, will travel to NYC this year!

7:30-8:00 Middle School/Jr High Voice Class

8:00-8:30 HS Voice Class


There are openings for new students and enrollment is ongoing.  Email us at info@PatriciaKeith.com for more information or to enroll

Students will:

  • Sing a variety of styles of music both as an ensemble singer and as a soloist

  • Sight-read pitches on the staff using curwen hand signs and solfege singing technique

  • Read rhythm patterns in music and perform them with accuracy

  • Sight-read multiple lines of music simultaneously in harmony

  • Echo sing: listen to pitches and sing them back accurately

  • Model a healthy, freely produced tone

  • Learn to blend one's voice with a group when appropriate and learn to sing solos out with confidence when appropriate and how to discern the difference

  • Demonstrate the different registers of the voice: head voice, falsetto or chest voice

  • Demonstrate healthy and strong breath support

  • Sing with tall vowels and a proper mouth position in order to have the most beautiful, mature, healthy tone quality

  • Build a sense of teamwork with peers, working together, supporting each other

  • Sing with joy, poise, and musical expression

  • Find your own voice as a singer and express who you are as a performer

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