We welcome outstanding piano teacher, Regina Whitesell!

Hello I’m Regina Whitesell and I am very pleased to be offering private and group piano lessons at The Music Studio of Patricia Keith! My goal is to provide a fun, yet educational learning experience as you explore music with the piano. I look to improve cognitive development, creativity, coordination, and focus through the use of various tools. We will learn to read music, correctly utilize musical symbols and terms, develop dexterity and coordination, and perform with confidence!


In our first lesson together, you can expect me to ask a lot of questions. My goal is to get to know the student… their personal goals, interests, hobbies and skills. It is my goal to help them approach learning piano in the way that will work best for them. After finding a better understanding of them as an individual, I will make my recommendation for piano books. I request that the student purchase the necessary books as soon as possible after the first lesson (so they may bring them along for their second lesson). The first lesson will cover an introduction to keyboard geography, note-reading, proper posture and hand-positioning, and a bit of improvising. Non-beginners will be asked to play something that they already know, in order for me to get a sense of where they are and what they have already learned. I will go over the expectations for practicing each week. Lastly, I’ll share a bit about myself, and my own piano journey! My hope is that by the second lesson, we feel that we know each other a bit.


I’m looking forward to sharing  my love of the piano with you!


Most Sincerely,

Regina Whitesell