New in 2019-2020, membership by invitation only:


For our advanced vocal students, we offer Duetto, a workshop for developing performances in musical theatre and operatic duets, trios, or even small ensemble pieces. The instructor will work with the students to choose the right genre of music for your vocal development.

Repertoire Possibilities include:

  • an operatic duet, trio or scene in English or a foreign language

  • a musical theatre duet or trio for the studio’s annual Cabaret Night

This weekly half hour rehearsal is designed as an accompaniment to your regular private voice study or choral participation.

Students will

  • Receive coaching on your vocal performance

  • Research the background/plot/story/lyrics of the larger work your piece is from as well as your song or aria

  • Study and review other notable performances of your piece

  • Do score study and mark music for expression and dynamics,

  • View other master performances in musical theater and opera for the sake of learning about the masters in the field of vocal performance

Duetto meets Sundays at the Boyertown Studio 5:45 to 6:15 pm beginning September 8.

Tuition is $300 annually or $30 per month in 10 payments


must be co-enrolled in a studio choir or voice lessons

enrollment is by invitation only