Regina Whitesell 

Regina Whitesell began piano lessons at age 6 under the instruction of Edna Mereness. By age 13, Regina was a regular lead pianist for her local church, and accompanied several musicals and productions throughout junior high and high school. Regina then attended Roberts Wesleyan College on a music scholarship, pursuing a Bachelors degree in Music Performance and certification in Piano Pedagogy. During her time at Roberts Wesleyan College, Regina studied under Dr. Michael Landrum and taught piano lessons for the RWC Community Music School. Regina was chosen to represent RWC as their “model pianist” for prospective students, and placed in the top 5 at the RWC All-instrumental Concerto Competition. Regina accompanied the RWC Elite Chamber Singers on their New York City tour in 2001.


Regina graduated cum laude in 2003, and was asked to perform for the RWC Baccalaureate. After graduation, Regina held teaching positions at Costello Studios and St. Mary’s Catholic School in Rochester, NY. Regina relocated to the greater Philadelphia area in 2006, and has since held teaching positions at Cedar Grove Christian Academy in Philadelphia, and Music Training Center in Malvern.


Several of Ms. Gina's former students have gone on to complete degrees in Music Education, Music Performance, Music in Religion, and Music Media. Teaching piano is one of her greatest joys in life, along with hiking, and spending time with her husband, Jason, and their young daughter, Ella.